Saffron Lane Neighbourhood Council and partners have built the biggest development of eco-friendly affordable homes in the country. It all got started when Saffron Lane Neighbourhood Council approached the council about the 13 acre plot which sat empty, derelict and filled with weeds, next door to their own community gardens.

Saffron Lane said to Leicester City Council that this land would be the perfect spot for some desperately needed affordable housing. The council agreed, and sold them the land for the sum of just £1. Now, only two years later, the Saffron Lane development is almost finished. It contains 68 affordable homes, all built to Passivhaus standards – meaning they’re as eco-friendly and therefore cheap to run and heat as it’s possible to be.

Saffron Lane is not only the biggest Passivhaus development in the UK, but one of, if not the biggest in Europe.

In Hastings, the council could give over one of it’s sites for housing to a community led project to try a different method of housing provision.

Ecofriendly affordable homes – Saffron Lane Leicester