Common Treasury No.1

New ideas sparked by the day

Idea 1 – Scratch nights and cocktail cock-ups
Safe space to share emerging ideas, skills and failures

Idea 2 – Creating a Public living room/Camerados
Take care of each other – “be a camerado”

Idea 3 – The Makings. Maker space, storage space as shared space, library of things

Idea 4 – Timebanking and skill sharing

Idea 5 – Reclaiming public space and guerrilla gardening
First steps and meetings have already taken place.

Idea 6 – Shared community beach hut
Community pizza oven, barbecue, community science lab



Feedback from the event

‘I loved today’s speakers…brilliantly conceived event – thank you!’

‘Thanks for an inspirational day. It really lifted my spirits up and can’t wait for the next one. You all did an amazing job.’

‘Well organised; great facilitators; good ideas/ lots of creativity. An interesting mix of “soft” and “hard” issues!’

‘Great speakers. Very good format’

‘What an amazing, inspirational day!’

‘It was a huge treat to meet great people some of which have inspired me from afar for years. ‘

‘Brilliantly conceived event. Kate’s always fantastic as a compere (Kate Tym). Really well organised & delivered. Thank you so much.’

‘Really confidently prepared and presented day – really well thought-through’

‘It was made a safe space to have different viewpoints’

’emphasis on equality between people’