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Join Episode 4: Our Local Economy on Friday, 29 May at 3pm

In this week’s episode, host Claire Doran (RSA) talks to social entrepreneurs Erika Rushton (The Beautiful Ideas Co, Liverpool), Sally Lowndes (The Onion Collective, Watchet) and Dave Hinton (Rebellion) about what it takes to move ideas into actions that strengthen and sustain a local economy that’s fit for the future.

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As we begin to emerge from life after lockdown, we’re beginning to see that changes to our livelihoods are inevitable in this vibrant, creative coastal town. What can we learn from the experience of others that can help us seed and strengthen a flourishing local economy that will make us more resilient in the future?
We’re bringing together three champions of local enterprise, with a wealth of hands-on experience. Erika, Sally and Dave will share stories and practical advice on how they have channelled the power of people to create successful, sustainable businesses, adapting ideas about everything from mycelium to car-parks.

To begin shaping a just, sustainable vision of a resilient Hastings economy, our guests – and you, the audience –  are invited to explore these questions:

  • Who is our economy for?
  • What opportunities are presenting themselves in Hastings right now?
  • What will you do to strengthen our local economy?

Join us as we continue to explore how ideas from elsewhere can help us build a Common Treasury that supports and serves every resident of Hastings.

We’re looking forward to you sharing your comments, ideas and experiences.