Our weekly series of online conversations continues on the Facebook Live channel, Isolation Station Hastings.

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Friday 5 June, 3-4pm
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Throughout a whirlwind series of programmes, we have had animated conversations with social entrepreneurs, local and far-flung, about creating places of safety and hope, the joy of coming together with our neighbours, food systems, local enterprise and economies, with an unexpected thread of gardening throughout.

This week, our host Claire Doran (RSA) welcomes social activists and entrepreneurs Stella Duffey (founder of Fun Palaces) and Dan Matthews (Isolation Station Hastings) to discuss what learning we might take forward to move into our future with creativity, connection and resilience.

To draw the series to a close, we’d like to invite you, our viewers, to join the conversation, moving beyond the realm of ideas and inspiration to begin sharing promises and commitments about the first steps we intend to take from here.

To begin shaping a sustainable vision of a creative, resilient and inclusive Hastings, our guests – and you, the audience – are invited to explore these questions:

  • What do you think are the challenges that are yet to come and how we can face them with creativity and resilience?
  • How are you facing the future?
  • What are we going to do more of? What are we going to stop doing? 

Join us as we conclude our series exploring how ideas from elsewhere can help us build a Common Treasury that supports and serves every resident of Hastings.