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The National Lottery set up the Emerging Futures Fund during the first wave of the pandemic to help communities process their experiences, share their stories, and start to imagine with hope, what might be possible now.

In Hastings, we’ve been lucky to benefit from the fund.

Together we have developed projects like the Map of Ideas. We’ve held co-learning sessions with community groups, charitable and voluntary organisations across Hastings. Our group has included active citizens, and all those interested in making a change for the better in our town. Our upcoming public events will invite everyone across Hastings and St Leonards to join the conversation.

We are so grateful for this opportunity, for the time and space in a very hectic and uncertain world. We’ve been able, not only to share how we’ve been getting through the pandemic, but to assess how we can work best together, and to try out new resources and tools (such as the Wheel of Wellbeing and Three Horizons thinking) that help us think about the future creatively.

Now the National Lottery Community Fund have developed this toolkit to share and help communities all over to process their own experiences, and to reimagine their futures. The toolkit is a free resource to share widely and to support communities and grassroots community groups.

The Community Toolkit is an open resource for any community to use, designed by Resolve and built on by Civic Square.

The Community Toolkit has 3 different tools:

The Processing Tool

This tool is designed to help communities process and capture their ongoing experiences of the pandemic to surface what they treasure, what they’ve learnt and what they would like to leave behind.

The Storytelling Tool

This tool is designed to help communities identify and connect themes and patterns between their shared experiences of the pandemic, to tell the story of their community together.

The Reimagining Tool

This tool is designed to take all the things the community have processed, collected and dreamt about together and use it to reimagine the futures they would like to share as a community.

You can find the toolkit here. The creators are also looking for feedback. If you try it, then please let them know what can be improved. There is a form for that here.

We’d also like to share this Community Canvas and this toolkit created by the Transition Network, resourced by The National Lottery Community Fund, that communities may find useful.