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In February 2008, Drs Kevin Brinkhurst and Gemma Anson, General Practitioners based at Paxton Green Group Practice considered a proposal to Lambeth Primary Care Trust for a Time Bank in this area. The inspiration was Rushey Green Time Bank, Catford, and after a lot of research and visiting other South London Time Banks, a bid for a Special Fund established by Lambeth PCT was submitted. The practice was delighted when the PCT agreed to fund a Time Bank for 2 years. Two interim staff were employed to generate local interest in timebanking, and to recruit a board of trustees. The current staff team came into post in september 2008 and were working out of the Practice before moving into our new offices in Kingswood House in November 2008.

PGTB currently has around 300 active members, a figure which is growing weekly. We take referals from the staff team at the Practice, and are also open to the whole community. People self refer, and come to the timebank through word of mouth and through meeting us at local events or coming also to our drop in which is every monday at the Practice. We also work with a broad range of organisational members and their communities.